Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pics from our Big Day!

This is a day I won't ever forget! Love you babe!

My New Adventure!

After planning my own wedding and pretty much doing about 95% of everything that goes in to a wedding I realized that I loved it. So many brides and grooms are so ready for the planning, the fighting, over spending and going way over budget that they are crying tears of joy that it is over and they are finally Mr. and Mrs.

Well I was just the opposite, I was so sad when all the planning and diy's (do it yourself) was over with. I had so much fun brainstorming and creating our table centerpieces, decorating the cake, gift, guestbook and memorial tables and anything else that I could think of incorporating into our wedding.

I have decided to take the plunge and become a business owner. I have taken the first steps of getting started which included getting business cards made, getting my Trade Name registered with the Secretary of State, getting a web host that will eventually host my website! Oh and most important of all I decided on a name for my company- It's Your Day! Weddings and Events. I enjoyed putting our wedding together but also love the whole realm of what goes in to having a successful wedding or event of any sorts.

Probably the thing that I am most proud about from my own wedding is staying within the budget that Derek and I set. It is so easy to go way over budget, and believe me just from talking with other brides they blew their budget by at least 15% and many of them went at least 40% over budget. Of course the first thing to do is to set a realistic budget because there are always last minute things that come up that you never even thought about having to include the long list of items to pay for.

One of the things that always get forgotten when factoring in all the cost for your big day is the amount of money that you will need to set aside for tips. Unfortunately, even though you pay the vendors good amounts of money to do their job isn't enough. I feel if you think that any of the vendors did a great job and made your day easier than they at least get 15% of what you paid them. Now obviously if you was your venue and it ended up costing you say $10,000 to have your event there I would not tip $1500 but at my own wedding I made sure to tip the servers, our captain and any other additional help that made the day run smoothly.

A great way to cut your costs for the whole day, and this includes special events not just weddings is to have your event on an off day and off month. Usually in the wedding world anytime October-February (specially if you live somewhere cold during these months) you can save money. Also if you have your event during the week or any other day than Saturday you might be able to save some money.

We had our wedding on a Friday afternoon in October and by doing that we saved about $5,000. I was not liking the whole Friday thing at first but then I realized that there is a reason they say TGIF, who doesn't like doing something fun on a Friday? I mean you have two whole days to recuperate from a night of craziness if you choose to have one.

I will be posting tips and budget savings advice in the blogs to come so make sure if you are planning a wedding or event check back often.

Also if you need any help with your BIG DAY then make sure to give me a call or shoot me an email because I am here to help make that one day a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

Our Honeymoon

After our wedding Derek and I went off to the Riviera Maya for our Honeymoon. Wow was that place beautiful and so warm and sunny. Again we got blessed with beautiful weather for the seven days we were there, being it was in the middle of Hurricane season and it started raining the day we left.

We stayed at the Secrets Maroma Beach and if you want to have luxury and the Riviera Maya's most beautiful beach (it has been published many times ranked #1 beach) then you have to stay at this place. It is All-Inclusive, Adults Only (thank God) and anything else you could want they can deliver.

Our concierge was wonderful (if you stay in the preferred club you get your very own concierge, totally worth the extra money) the staff was incredible and wow do these guys work their butts off. The resort is absolutely beautiful and everything is brand new since the resort is only a year old. The rooms all have travertine tile, jacuzzi tub, beautiful furniture, flat screen TVs and 24 hour room service!

There is so much to do just on the resort that you don't even need to venture out of the resort if you are looking for just pure relaxation. Derek and I each did an excursion that we both wanted to do which was for me Swimming with the Dolphins and he went fly fishing. We both somewhat enjoyed these but since we were both by ourselves we missed out on a whole day of being with each other and hanging out at the pool with our friends. The next excursion we went on was the Xplor which was a place where you could ride 14 different zip lines, riding ATV's in the jungle (not as cool as it sounds) and ride a raft and canoe through a cenote. We enjoyed our time on this adventure but if we could do the trip all over again we might shell out the money to do one excursion and that is it. For the rest of the time we will stay on the resort and relax, drink (remember all-inclusive includes all your alcoholic drinks and this resort does not skimp on the alcohol and everything they offer is top-shelf.

So if you are looking for a beautiful place to take a vacation with your sweetie then this is the place.

I will post pics of the resort so you and I both can drool over the beach, pool and everything else that this beautiful resort has to offer.



I have been wondering for quite a while how someone got started on blogging and if it was all it was cracked up to be. Well I took the plunge and here I am writing my first blog. I am not sure if I really have enough stuff going on in my life to have a blog but at least when something exciting does happen ya'll will be the first ones to know.

As most of you know Derek aka Big D tied the know on October 23, 2009 and what an exciting day that was! It was the most perfect day ever and was even better than I could have ever imagined. The weather was perfect (thanks to Derek's brother Tyler who is in heaven) I believe Tyler became BFF's with Mother Nature to make sure she provided us with the most perfect weather and WOW did they both deliver.

It was wonderful getting to share that moment not only with my family and friends but being lucky enough to have that special moment with the LOML (Love of my life). I am truly blessed!

I have never seen a dance floor that was as packed and jammin' as our dance floor at our wedding! People were on the floor all night long shaking their booties and enjoying a good ol' time.

The only two things that were missing from our most special day was our two four legged fur babies Gunther (G-man) and Dottie girl. They probably could have cared less not being there since they were living the high life having a blast with their friends at Doggie Daycare!

You can see some of the pics from the big day!